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We are professionals with decades of experience in theatre sound and visual technics, whom were driven by the contribution to hundreds of productions to form/create the studio FocusReel. Beyond the theatre productions we are highly qualified in TV programs and our experience in fast problem solving and in coping with workload guarantees the best quality in sound-video recording or in TV productions from A-Z.

Your Voice...

FocusReel Soundstudio

help you make it sound good

Sound Recording and Editing

In the FocusReel sound studio our experienced engineers help you to find the best sounding – from recording own songs, narratives, shows, video clips to TV post productions.

Make your own voice recording

In the FocusReel studio it is possible to create:

Our flexible team is ready to find solutions for everything, so we can help you make the best of your ideas.

Make the sound really professional

The FocusReel team can make

post productions, editing, harmonization. Feel free to call us with any type of visual or audio material – together we find the perfect solution.

Your Screen...

Focusreel Videostudio

we help you make look good

Green Studio and Virtual Production

The FocusReel`s infinite green box studio, with installed tracking system and the help of the team, is suitable for shooting unusual scenery video clips, podcasts or news programs. Along these it is possible to use classic backgrounds and scenery at optimized costs.


Make your video special

In the infinite green box studio of the FocusReel it is possible to record or broadcast

with creative individual ideas.

If you want a realistic 3D environment

In the FocusReel studio with the special tracking system it is possible to create

Our team can create the imagined (requested) virtual space or you can select one of our already created spaces.

FocusReel Events

we help you have fun

Shows and Live Events

On-site audio service, recording or live streaming of theatre performances, concerts, conferences and the production of visual content, we can also help you with the organisation


Organize performances and concerts

Our team members gained their experience by working in numerous Hungarian success productions.
We are at your disposal with confident expertise in sound, visual and stage services.

Record or broadcast live

External location commercials shooting, youtube videos, videoclips creations.
Multi-camera broadcasts and/or recordings of concerts, conferences, events, theatre productions

Leave the Organization to Us

We can help in organizing and driving events. We provide the requested sound-, light-, video and visual tools at the location adjusted them to the facility.
We can help in editing (assembling) shows at the events, with great artists performances.


First Step

Write your idea


Second Step

Ask for a quote


Third Step

Enjoy the created production

A good team is needed to implement good ideas

If you have a good idea, feel free to contact us, and we are sure that together we will find the most ideal solution for its implementation.