Power supply (truss and ceiling)

A switched-mode power supply is designed to provide power for ceiling and truss tracking areas. With the truss tracking area kit, a power supply comes with metal brackets, designed for easy mounting onto a truss system and a wire with a GX16 connector to power Truss Reference Bars.
The power supply is equipped with an AS-216-EN input connector with a switch and three KF2EDGWB-5.08 output connectors.
While ordering a ceiling tracking area, you receive a switched-mode power supply only; while ordering a truss tracking area you also receive a H05VV-F 2×1.5 cable with GX16 connector, a KF2EDGWB-5.08 pluggable terminal block, and truss fixing brackets.


Easy installation

3 output power ports

IP60 protection


$ 235